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Gas Control Valves

Gas Controls


We supply a range of gas control valves including Fantini Cosmi gas solenoid valves & Nabic safety valves. These gas flow control valves can be used on a variety of gas appliances. For more information contact us today.

Domestic and Commercial gas control valves and Flame Failure Devices (FFDs) suitable for use with gas fires cookers and catering appliances. All valves and FFDs are suitable for use with Natural Gas and LPG.


Controlling Pressure

A gas burner heats the gas that is supplied, this is sat beneath the appliance. The control valve regulates the amount of gas  and pressure that is being supplied to the unit. The pressure is important, Too little pressure will not allow the proper amount of gas to be ignited or too much pressure could result in fires or explosions.

Any appliance that utilizes gas should be equipped with a control valve, it’s vital for the operation and safety of any gas appliance that a control valve is present. It controls the a steady flow without allowing any gas to leak by controlling the amount of gas and pressure. These valves serve the same purpose for heating systems and stoves as well if needed.


A control valve will sense whether the gas is being heated. Gas passes over the pilot light is ignited, creating a higher temperature. The valve will cut off the supply if the temperature is not reached and prevents potentially deadly gas escaping into the environment.

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  1. Fantini Cosmi Safety Valves
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  2. Geca Safety Relief Valves
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  3. Geca Slam-Shut Off Valves
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