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Oil Tank Equipment

Oil Tank Monitoring Equipment

We have a range of oil storage tank equipment including: tank alarms, high & low level vent alarms, storage tank sight gauges & float switches. We stock Apollo Ultrasonic tank level gauges & Watchman gauges suitable for both domestic & commercial heating oil tanks.

The Benefits Of Having Fuel Tank Alarms

A vent alarm or tank alarm serves as a warning to ensure your oil tank isn’t overfilled. To have a properly working oil tank vent alarm, tank a

... or remote warning device is absolute vital. By pushing air into a a gauge with a float that whistles when the tank is full, these successfully prevent tank overfills.

There are many benefits to having a vent alarm. The cost technical support when cleaning up oil leakage alone can be high. Fuel tank alarms easily provide the tank owner with greater knowledge about the status of their tank contents. They warn them of a high/low fluid level, overfill and/or bund leak quickly and effectively.

A fuel tank alarm system is one of the standard pieces of equipment on many fuel storage tanks. We have many different options are available depending upon the user’s requirements. Choose from a mains or battery powered tank level alarm, or a tank overfill alarm. We also stock tank bund alarms that solely detects leaking fluid into the tank's bund.

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  1. 10m Float Switch
  2. 230V Remote Warning Device
    Call For Price
  3. 230V Tank Alarm Kits - ATEX Certified
    As low as £433.85
  4. 3 In 1 Oil Tank Sight Gauges
    As low as £68.13
  5. Clearance
    4ft 6" x 1" Standard Oil Tank Sight Gauge
    Now £25.00 Was £59.09
  6. 5m Float Switch
  7. Cable Joiner
  8. Compact Tank Alarms - ATEX Certified
    As low as £90.99
  9. EASI B Easy Oil Installation Box
    As low as £211.62
  10. Extra Cable
  11. Float Operated Tank Gauges
    As low as £34.64
  12. Gasoila
  13. Gok Anti-Siphon Valve

Items 1-24 of 41

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