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Oil Lifters & Pumps

Oil Lifters & Pumps

We provide a comprehensive range of oil lifter pumps and general transfer pumps. Along with associated equipment involved in pumping and treating fuel. This includes debris and sludge filtration and water filters. As well as fuel polishers to remove microbial growth and deaerators for air removal on a suction system.

Our range covers oil lifters, diesel transfer pumps and related equipment. Suitable for use with oil, diesel, kerosene, heating oil and biofuel.

We are di

... utors of supply equipment from respected industry names. Such as Inpro, HP Technik, Suntec, Taisan and our own Anglo Selected brand. Our range covers most fuel pumping and fuel lifting applications and requirements, in single-phase or three-phase supply.

Our range of oil lifters suitable for both domestic & commercial installations. These range from 15 litres an hour up to flow rates of 1500 litres an hour depending on your application.

Our Inpro OUF oil lifters (Formerly "BM Controls") are available with ether 3.5 litre or 12 litre reservoirs to. Choose depending on the litres an hour that your oil fuelled appliance needs.   If you are unsure on the correct heating oil lifter for your appliance please contact us today for more information.

A heating oil lift pump is typically used to transfer fuel from a main oil tank to a smaller day tank. We can provide electric fuel transfer pumps and many other components required in power generation systems. This includes the control unit, solenoid valves, alarms and links to BMS equipment.

We provide portable transfer pumps for circumstances where an oil or diesel transfer pump is required.  Usually, to move large quantities of fuel safely and efficiently such as in a new oil tank installation.

We’re a popular choice when fuel pumping is required in critical facilities. Such as hospitals and data centres. These can be primary or backup systems such as generator pumps. Choose from a range of different specifications; our oil transfer pump sets can reach 6000 litres per hour.

In some projects two pumps are required; one in use and the other as backup (run and standby). Or working in tandem in a redundant system with full dual active control, allowing for concurrent maintenance.

A range of complementary products are available such as heavy duty enclosures for housing pump equipment outdoors. We also stock control cabinets to control pumps alarms and tank oil levels. Leak detector drip trays as well as a range of spare parts.

We stock a comprehensive range designed to suit most applications and requirements. You may require some help in choosing the right equipment. If so, we’d be pleased to discuss your needs and help you select the most appropriate equipment.

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  1. ANTP 40 Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £1,326.04
  2. ANTP 60 Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £1,557.62
  3. ANTP Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £808.96
  4. Delta A & VM Oil Pumps
    As low as £91.83
  5. Delta Pumps F84 Series Coils
    As low as £30.59
  6. Delta Pumps NF84 Series Coils
    As low as £32.87
  7. Delta Pumps Oil Solenoid Valves
    As low as £31.42
  8. Delta VU Universal Oil Pumps
    As low as £105.38
  9. Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation Kits
    As low as £2,183.34
  10. GOK Oil Suction Pump
    As low as £46.17
  11. HP Technik DSK Oil Pump Pressure Units
    As low as £1,660.03
  12. HP Technik Oil Burner Pumps - PON Series
    As low as £798.00
  13. HP Technik SMG Oil Transfer Pumpsets
    As low as £6,898.82
  14. HP Technik UMG Oil Transfer Pumpsets
    As low as £3,174.18

Items 1-24 of 59

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