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Oil Lifters & Pumps

Heating Oil Lifters & Diesel Transfer Pumps

We provide a comprehensive range of oil lifter pumps & general transfer pumps along with associated equipment involved in pumping & treating fuel. This includes debris & sludge filtration, water filters, fuel polishers to remove microbial growth & deaerators for air removal on a suction system. Our range covers oil lifters, diesel transfer pumps & related equipment suitable for use with oil, diesel, kerosene, heating oil & biofuel.

We are distributors for, & can supply equipment from respected industry names such as Inpro, HP Technik, Suntec, Taisan & our own Anglo Selected brand, our range covers most fuel pumping & fuel lifting applications & requirements, in single-phase or three-phase supply.

Heating Oil Transfer Pump

A heating oil lift pump is typically used to transfer fuel from a main oil tank to a smaller day tank from a lower level & gravity feeds to an appliance. We can provide electric fuel transfer pumps & many other components required in  power generation systems including the control unit, solenoid valves, alarms & links to BMS equipment. We provide portable transfer pumps for circumstances where an oil or diesel transfer pump is required to move large quantities of fuel safely & efficiently such as in a new oil tank installation. 

We’re a popular choice when fuel pumping is required in critical facilities where reliability is key, such as hospitals & data centres. These can be primary or backup systems such as generator pumps. Choose from a range of different specifications; our oil transfer pump sets can reach 6000 litres per hour - in some projects two pumps are required; one in use & the other as backup (run & standby), or working in tandem in a redundant system with full dual active control, allowing for concurrent maintenance.

A range of complementary products are available such as heavy duty enclosures for housing pump equipment outdoors, control cabinets to control pumps alarms & tank oil levels, leak detector drip trays as well as a range of spare parts.

With such a comprehensive range designed to suit most applications & requirements, you may require some help in choosing the right equipment. If so, we’d be pleased to discuss your needs & help you select the most appropriate heating oil lifter, transfer pump or portable transfer pump & associated equipment such as controls & fuel polishers suitable for power generation systems.


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  1. ANTP 40 Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £1,320.30
  2. ANTP 60 Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £1,550.88
  3. ANTP Oil Transfer Pumps
    As low as £805.46
  4. Delta A & VM Oil Pumps
    As low as £94.12
  5. Delta Pumps F84 Series Coils
    As low as £30.75
  6. Delta Pumps NF84 Series Coils
    As low as £33.68
  7. Delta Pumps Oil Solenoid Valves
    As low as £31.58
  8. Delta VU Universal Oil Pumps
    As low as £108.01
  9. Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation Kits
    As low as £2,282.58
  10. GOK Oil Suction Pump
    As low as £47.32
  11. HP Technik DSK Oil Pump Pressure Units
    As low as £1,928.32
  12. HP Technik Oil Burner Pumps - PON Series
    As low as £798.00
  13. HP Technik Oil Burner Pumps - UHE Series
    As low as £1,816.00
  14. HP Technik SMG Oil Transfer Pumpsets
    As low as £8,815.16

Items 1-24 of 62

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