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Tank Gauges

Our Range of Tank Level Gauges


At Anglo Nordic we stock a wide range of thank level gauges including Site gauges, Float gauges, Oil tank contents gauges & oil tank level gauges. Electronic and mechanical oil tank contents gauges allow you to see your oil level in your oil tank.


It can be difficult to decide which oil tank gauge is best for you to install on your oil storage tank. Below you can see examples of the different types of gauge and how they work.


Of course, the type of storage thank you have may be relevant to the gauge required. For example, if you have a  bunded storage tank then our advice is that bottom outlet gauges should not be used. If used, they can compromise the integrity. Modern bunded tanks can no longer be installed with bottom outlet gauges, however, bunded tanks are perfectly useable with a Site gauge.


A sight gauge usually runs up the side of the storage tank and contain a float within a clear pipe. These are usually connected at the bottom of the tank in the oil feed pipe.


A “pull to read” button or a push button can normally be seen at the bottom of the gauge. When operated the valve opens and allows fuel to travel up the tube. The fuel in the tube will level out at the same level of the fuel inside the tank due to the gravitational effect.


Oil Tank Float gauges do exactly as the name suggests.They have a float which will move with the level of the oil within the tank. The gauge is connected to the float by a string and is sta at the top of the tank. Attached to a mechanism in the gauge, this will turn the dial depending on the level of the oil.


You may know these as a cat and mouse gauge or a float on a rope gauge. These versions are inexpensive and will usually measure the level in units of; “empty” – “1/4 full” – “1/2 full” – “3/4 full”.


A hydrostatic oil tank gauge or Oil Tank Level gauge is more accurate than a float gauge and is more commonly found on commercial sites. Operated by a small hand pump mechanism to pump air into the probe. This is placed into the tank with the probe mounted at the end of the tube. It will measure the pressure of the fluid when air is in the tube, at the current depth of fluid and calculate a reading.


Readings are displayed is percentages of the total tank.  Ideal for hazardous environments as they operate without power, they can be fitted remotely from the tank as long as one length of tube is used with no joins to the probe .


Oil Tank Level gauges can be wireless or can be connected to a computer or mobile phone. The sensor gauge has a battery and can send a reading to "paired" display/device nearby. This will usually flash when the tank is running low.


Homeowners/domestic environments usually need their heating oil tank level gauge to be simple and cost effective like the float and sight gauges, or a convenient method of reading like the digital  version. The simple gauges normally require the owner to visit to the tank to find out the oil level. The electronic gauges display the reading in the warmth of the home.

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