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Ignition Transformers

Cofi & Brahma Ignition Transformers

We offer ignition transformers from well known brands like Cofi & Brahma. Whether you require a transformer with intermittent or continuous spark options, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Related products, such as oil pumps & control boxes are also available.

Everything comes with a manufacturers' warranty & has been hand-picked by us to ensure the usual hard wearing, high quality our customers have come to expect. Any further information about a Brahma transformer or Cofi ignition transformer can be acquired by contacting our customer services team today.

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  1. Brahma Ignition Transformers - Standard
    As low as £108.24
  2. Cofi Transformers - Continuous
    As low as £75.27
  3. Cofi Transformers - Intermittent
    As low as £39.73
  4. HT Connectors
    As low as £0.30
  5. Mains Supply Leads & HT Leads
    As low as £3.58

6 Items

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