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Central Heating Thermostats

If you’re looking for a supplier of boiler thermostats & immersion heater thermostats, you’ll find a wide selection on offer here at Anglo Nordic. From boiler frost thermostats, set at 5°C, to FTG double immersion encased thermostats, with a temperature range from 0° to 90° Celsius.

Our impressive selection of thermostats includes Fantini Cosmi greenhouse, Cylinder, thermostat & limit thermostats, which come with either single or double throw, & are designed to be used on cookers & stoves.

If you require a thermostat for your boiler or heating system that comes with more control options, you may prefer the programmable wall mounted thermostat. Weekly programmable chronothermostats are available with an electronic display. We also supply spare thermostat knobs, fixing springs, bulb pockets & bezel surrounds. If you require a specific type of thermostat that you are unable to find below, please contact us & our fully trained staff will be happy to help you.

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  1. ACS Rod Type Thermostats 50°C-150°C
    As low as £518.44
  2. C10 Encased Thermostats
    As low as £52.73
  3. Capillary Control Thermostats
    As low as £50.23
  4. Encased Dual Thermostats
    As low as £62.36
  5. Encased Immersion Thermostats
    As low as £45.55
  6. Frost Thermostat
  7. HT Ignition Leads
    As low as £4.30
  8. T & G Type Control Thermostat Kits
    As low as £36.68
  9. T & G Type Control Thermostats
    As low as £40.46
  10. T & G Type Limit Thermostats
    As low as £33.36
  11. Thermostat Knobs
    As low as £1.88

Items 1-24 of 27

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